Saturday, March 24, 2007

Choosing the Right Office Furniture

The appearance of an office is determined to a great extent by the office furniture within it. If the office has a motley collection of different furniture, none of which fits together or matches, the overall impression of the office is scruffy. This impression is often placed on the business in the office as well, regardless of their effectiveness. If an office has similar furniture throughout, with all items being of good quality and fairly regimented appearance, then the appearance of professionalism and good organisation is presented to any person who enters the office. As with unfavourable impressions, the favourable impression generated is likely to be applied to the business as well.

In addition to the appearance of the furniture and the effect that this has on visitors to the premises, the needs of the staff must be taken into account. Often furniture is provided for employees with no thought to their needs and their comfort, which is a grave, but common mistake on the part of employers. If someone has to sit in one place for the entire working day, then you need to ensure that they are comfortable in the seat that you provide them. Providing uncomfortable office furniture to your employees is likely to impact on their productiveness through discomfort affecting concentration.

For most employers or office decorators, the compromise needs to be struck between what office furniture will look good and what will be comfortable for the employees to use on a daily basis. One thing that is often neglected when considering what office furniture to buy is the size of the employees and the fact that many employees are often very different body sizes. When a person's size differs greatly from the rest of their co-workers they normally need office furniture that is outside the normal range. This is not only the case with office chairs, but also desks since a combination of furniture that is the wrong size can cause severe strain on different areas of the body.

Those people who are decorating offices and providing office furniture need to consider the layout and furniture of areas other than the immediate reception area. It is often the case that people create a good impression in the area a guest enters, but neglects other areas of the office when providing furniture. This can diminish the good impression that has been made in the entrance area to the office. One thing that people often fail to consider is the comfort of office furniture in meeting rooms. This is often due to the fact that people spend less time there than at their desk, but it is still extremely important. It can prevent people from focussing on the meeting they are attending due to discomfort, which could have been easily prevented.

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