Saturday, April 28, 2007

When It's More Than Just Heartburn - Acid Reflux Info

It is imperative that you learn the right acid reflux info to keep yourself from thinking that those more than occasional sessions of heartburn are just that.

In actuality, frequent heartburn may in fact be warning signs that you suffer from acid reflux. Without understanding what this is, or how it is caused, you might end up doing damage to your throat.

Acid reflux is not an illness that simply goes away, but it is something that you will need to be able to recognize so you can better treat the symptoms and get to the root cause. Using acid reflux information is the first step of many you will have to take.

To begin, you must realize what causes acid reflux. How else are you to learn how to deal with it?

To put it simply: your throat has a group of muscles located at the bottom called the lower esophageal sphincter (it is usually just called LES). This is what prevents acid reflux from occurring. When this ring of muscle is closed, no stomach acid can get through. It is far too tight, only opening to allow food to pass through. It should close again after that happens.

Acid reflux occurs when the LES muscles cannot close. Stomach acid is no longer blocked and makes its way past the LES and into your throat. This can do severe damage.

The skin of your throat is not as thick or well-protected as the lining of your stomach. Acid can easily irritate, scar, cause bleeding, etc. Thus, because acid reflux can be extremely harmful to you body, it is important for you to gather as much acid reflux knowledge as you can, to keep acid reflux from happening. The effects of acid reflux are harmful to your throat and can be more than just the annoyance of heartburn.

As was previously mentioned, the LES muscles are what block acid from coming into your throat. When they relax (refuse to close) is when you will have complications.

There are two things that will cause the problems.

One: the throat is relaxed due to food. Your body may reject certain items or may simply react to the ingredients. There are properties found in foods that can force your LES muscles to relax. Caffeine, coffee, tea and other items naturally work against the muscles, causing them to remain open when they should close.

Two: the throat is relaxed due to contractual difficulties. Your LES muscles may themselves be the problem, rather than food. They may not be able to operate as they need to. This could be due to a narrow throat, inflammation, etc. Acid reflux can be the result of a larger problem with this option, as further investigation into acid reflux info will determine.

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It is important to note, however, that the first cause is the most common. Abnormalities with the LES muscles are rare. Usually, the cause of acid reflux is your body's reactions to the food and drinks you consume. It will be up to you, then, to study yourself and see what happens when you have certain items.

You now know how acid reflux happens; you know why it happens. Using this acid reflux info is just a practical way to begin figuring out what you need to keep the effects from reoccurring.

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