Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How To Lose Man Boobs

Lose man boobs with diet and exercise to prevent cosmetic surgery, pain and expense.
Some men develop boobs called Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is enlarged breastbone that can become embarrassing especially when doing activities like swimming where you do not wear your shirt.

Gynecomastia is becoming a widespread topic. Men are trying new things to get rid of their large breast. Surgery is the real way to eliminate and reduce fat breast tissue on most men.

Teens between the ages of 13 and 18 sometimes become upset and scared when they notice they are getting boobs. Do not feel frighten or think you have female traits, since it simply isn't so. When teen boys start developing and at puberty, they will notice their chest is getting larger. As teens begin to grow during the puberty ages, their breast will begin to blend in with the rest of their body to balance out. It usually takes about two years for the chest to balance with their body.

If you're teen doesn't seem to lose the extra large signs of breast development they need to see a doctor for advice on what to do. Your family physician can take x-rays and blood test to make sure whether it is Gynecomastia or fatty tissue that can be control to an extent with diet and exercise.

There is no known cause for Gynecomastia. However, medications and surgical procedures are available to get rid of man boobs. Cosmetic surgery has proven to eliminate boobs. Most insurance companies do not pay for cosmetic surgeries and it could be very costly however. When having cosmetic surgery, it can be very painful as well as costly so do some serious thinking before going this route.

Exercise will help when trying to lose man boobs by working off the fat and toning the breast tissues and muscles around them. You can build up muscles for a manlier look by doing some breast reduction exercises. Start an exercise program today to change fat to energy. Concentrate and focus on the chest and shoulder areas when planning your reduction exercise for loosing man boobs. By walking, biking, aerobic in a brisk fast pace will help tone the chest and help to reduce the appearance of large breastbones.

Don't try to shrink your man boobs by going on crash diets and taking supplements that are suppose to help eliminate your looks. Make sure that you are certain what you are dealing with by letting your family physician take x-rays and blood test.

Learning to control your diet by not overeating and including a lot of fiber will help lessen the appearance of Gynecomastia. By eating a lot of fiber like fruit and cereal help to digest your meal to turn the fat into energy.

Do not eat one hour before going to bed. When you feast, fat sits up and remains constant if you are not exercising.
Eat separate meats from grains; like meat and pasta. Eating too much fatty foods is not healthy. In addition, it could increase your chances of developing man boobs.

Try to eat your largest meal early in the day. For instance instead of eating a full meal at supper, eat a healthy noon meal or better yet, a larger breakfast. By eating large meals earlier in the day, you have more time to burn off the extra calories that are consumed. Eat your smallest meal at night to prevent a large amount of fat from just laying there.

Work off extra calories by doing exercise programs to help keep fat from forming around the chest. Slow down and lose man boobs by learning to stay in control.

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